Your Holographic Illusory Reality

Scientists have developed touch screens which project holographic images that you can actually see, feel and touch just as if they were solid 3D images. Put this technology into a 3D virtual reality program and you have a very primitive example of the reality you are experiencing.

Your body is a computer far more advanced than any technology the scientists can ever hope to produce. This body/computer projects the solid 3D reality that you are experiencing. We connect to each other and we create a shared 3D reality. The Universe that you see all around you is actually inside you. Your DNA strands are transmitters and receivers which create this reality which your mind and five senses then project and experience. The beings who run this World know this but for centuries they have manipulated your reality to serve their agenda. They hide this knowledge from you and keep you distracted with fear of war, disease, financial collapse etc..etc..etc.. They bombard your senses with subliminal occult symbols – the all-seeing eye, pentagrams, rings of saturn, hexagons etc..etc..

This constant fear, worry and subliminal messaging affects the transmissions through your DNA receivers which not only results in a false illusory reality but also kills off your cells resulting in disease, illness, death. As you wake up and become aware of this knowledge, you unplug from their matrix of illusory reality and their power over your reality weakens