World Leaders and The Owl God

The information in this research inspired my 2nd TOM O’KELL novel – TOM O’KELL & THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE JACKAL. Future and current Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Senior Politicians worshipping an Owl God called Molech?? Can this be true? Are the videos below fake? If true, are they just letting their hair down or is it something more sinister?



Do you ever think that the people who run this World aren’t human? They can’t be human, because a human would not cause so much war, bloodshed and slaughter of the innocent as the beings who run this World do. These beings keep telling us there will be change. They keep telling us they are fighting for PEACE, but all they do is to create more war, bloodshed and slaughter of the innocent.

When I was a teenager, I used to scare myself by reading Dennis Wheatley novels. These were fictional stories of Black Magic and Satanists. He always wrote in the books, that although these were fictional stories, Black Magic and Satanism existed in the World and was practised by people high up in Society.

If you Google Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones Society, you will see the names of Grandfather Bush, Father Bush and Baby Bush, John Kerry and many more.

Watch this video exposing Bohemian Grove. What is this occult practise all about?? Why do they worship a large forty foot statue of the Owl God Molech???


It isn’t natural is it, and yet they run our World. Surely, if true, they can’t be normal human beings.