Research for my writings has come from Paranormal Articles, Ancient Knowledge, and Conspiracy Theories. I did quite a bit of field work into what we term the Paranormal. I attended numerous Demonstrations of Mediumship, sometimes in an audience and other times in a one to one sitting. I took part in a seance. I have experienced Spiritual Healing and I was a participant in a Shamanic Meditation. I went in with a somewhat sceptical but an open mind. Most of the Mediums that I saw divulged information that could have referred to almost anyone. However, there were some Mediums who gave me information that they had no way of knowing. Was it pure guesswork or can they tap into another dimension? In the seance, the table jumped six feet away from all of the group standing around the table and the surface felt like it was rippling beneath my fingertips. During the Shamanic Meditation I started to sweat profusely and my breathing became extremely laboured. My closed eyes went into Rapid Eye Movement and I was unable to open them. The Shaman had to stop the drumming and take me out of the room, while I calmed down. It was explained to me that a Spirit had come very close to me and entered my energy field. Can this be true? Is a more logical explanation that the steady drumbeat interfered with my neurological brain patterns causing my body to react in the way that it did? I don’t know but I keep an open mind. During seven or eight Spiritual Healing sessions I was, what is termed as being, “overshadowed” by a Spirit. This “overshadowing” became stronger with each session I attended until I was conversing with the Spiritual Healer in a foreign tongue. This isn’t logical to an open-minded sceptic. Can there be a logical explanation for this?

I never believed in orbs, always explaining them as pieces of dust floating in the air. That is until I took the following video clips. Haunted4 & Haunted5 were filmed at Haunted, 35 Stonegate York. Are they balls of fluff or insects flying through the air or something else?

The Spirit Butterfly clip was taken during a Spiritual Healing session. The full video is one hour long and throughout the video there are “orbs” floating across the scene, however, this clip shows what can only be described as a Spirit Butterfly fluttering over the patient’s tummy. This clip never ceases to amaze me because it definitely is a ghostly butterfly.

We exist in an infinite Universe and there could be an infinite number of Universes and dimensions all around us but are invisible to our five tiny senses. Who are we to say that other realities and dimensions can’t exist?

Please view the videos and come to your own conclusions.






Spirit Butterfly