The Precious Gift Of Time

What do we never have enough of but when we have too much we are bored of it? What can be over in the blink of an eye but can also seem to last for eternity? What is the most precious gift we are given but we tend to waste? The answer is time.

Of our allotted time on Earth we will sleep half of that time, we will work another third of the time, we will use another good chunk of it bringing children up and doing chores around the house. It doesn’t leave much left for ourselves does it? You can’t wrap it up in fancy paper and pretty ribbons but you can see why it is the greatest gift that you can give to anyone. Just a moment of your time given to a bereaved person who just needs a kind word and some company. A visit or a telephone call to your elderly parent is the best tonic you can give them if they aren’t feeling too good. A word of encouragement to your children will spur them on and make them feel good about themselves.

So the next time you put off making that phone call or a visit to a friend or relative, or you can’t take your eyes off the television to talk to your children, just pause for a moment and remember that they may not always be there and this moment of time will never be yours again. So go on make that call.