The Magical World Of Spirit

6 years ago I thought anyone into Spiritual stuff and mediumship was away with the fairies. That was until I was railroaded into this arena. I attended an evening of mediumship with my wife. The medium asked me to stay behind after the show. He said I had the gift and advised me to visit a Spiritualist Church to learn meditation. I attended 2 sessions at a local Spiritualist Church and behind stifled laughter I listened to tales of their meditation experiences. I decided it wasn’t for me.

2 years later, my wife dragged me to another evening of mediumship. Again, this medium told me I would be working for the Spirit World in some form or other and she told me to attend meditation classes. I laughed but I was also intrigued. Why was I being told this again? Nervously, I attended the meditation class again. The teacher remembered me and asked why I had left. Embarrassingly, I told her that I found it all a bit silly and thought they were all nuts! She smiled and reassured me that it was real and that it would all unfold slowly, so I persevered and very slowly my belief that this 3D World was all that existed began to fade away.

Over the last 4 years, I have caught a butterfly spirit orb on video. I have been transported to other dimensions (which always leave you with regret when you return) and I now have a Spirit Guide called White Arrow channelling through me. There are an infinite number of invisible dimensions all around us if we will open up our minds and hearts to the possibility. There is so much more to this life if you are willing to open up your minds and expand your consciousness.