Subconscious Mind or Channelled Information?

I attended a meditation class for several years and learned a bit about the Spiritual side of life as well as meeting some lovely people. I could never differentiate between the Soul and the Spirit. It is a grey area and most people speak of them as the same item. I also could never understand the term the Higher Self. I tried to investigate the differences but I never found the correct explanation. One night I woke up very early and an explanation was buzzing through my head. It just wouldn’t go away as much as I tried. Eventually I went downstairs and typed the explanation into my computer at 3am! I read the explanation to a highly respected Spiritual person and Medium. She assured me the explanation was correct. Was this information “channelled” or was the explanation lying fragmented in my brain and my subconscious pieced it all together? I will leave that for the reader to decide.


Spirit, Soul and Higher Self


The Spirit – this is me. It is what makes me. It is my consciousness. It is that spark in me that will never die. When we face life’s troubles, our Spirit can course through our veins and give us the strength of ten men so that we can defeat anything that dares to stand before us. On the other hand, our Spirit can crumble and we curl up in the corner, a shivering wreck. During dark times, our Spirit may just laugh and see the funny side of our problems when we can’t sink any deeper, or our Spirit may cry and feel sorry for itself.


The Soul – this lies very deep within my heart. The Soul is your Divine-Self. It is the son/daughter of God within you. When my children were born, I have never felt such happy emotions; emotions that bring tears of joy and happiness; emotions that lie deep within your heart. This is your Soul. When my parents passed away, I have never felt pain and sorrow like it. It was like an physical dagger going through my heart. This was my Soul. When I heard of the brave young soldier being awarded the VC posthumously, for sacrificing his young life so that his comrades lived, that upset my heart. It touched my Soul. When I saw the babies and toddlers in Syria, with their throats slashed, in the name of freedom, that caused my heart to feel sick. It hurt my Soul. So you can see how your Soul can affect your Spirit. If your Soul is sick your Spirit will be low. If your Soul is full of joy and happiness, your Spirit will be raised.


Higher-Self – this is infinite consciousness and knowledge that is all around. Your Higher-Self is like a giant diamond with many facets to it. When you incarnate on the Earth, you work on one or several of these facets. You may need to work on compassion, love, greed, hatred, so one or several of these facets incarnate into your body as your Soul. So, when you are asked to connect with your Higher-Self, your Soul, deep within your heart, tries to connect to your infinite consciousness/knowledge that is all around.


All three are connected. The Higher-Self is the infinite consciousness/knowledge, part of which incarnates into the body as the Soul. The Soul can tap into this Higher-Self with practice of meditation. If the Soul is sick the Spirit will be low. If the Soul is joyful, the Spirit will be raised. When our physical body dies, the Spirit rejoins the Soul which reconnects to the Higher-Self, its infinite knowledge and consciousness increased by its lessons on Earth, as the Higher-Self expands nearer and nearer to Infinity, which is total infinite consciousness and knowledge and love.