It looks beautiful when you wake up and there has been a heavy snowfall overnight. The scruffiest of places suddenly transforms into a Winter Wonderland with the crisp snow glittering and sparkling in the moonlight and sunlight. Every snowflake is unique. They all have their own perfect crystallized symmetry. That is fantastic, isn’t it. Billions of snowflakes fall to Earth and no two snowflakes are alike.

It is rather like each one of us. No two human beings are identical. We are all unique. We have different hair, different eyes, different skin, different personalities to name a few. Our Spirits fall to Earth, stay here for a while and then melt away back into the Spirit world.

Unfortunately, we are not all like snowflakes. Some of us don’t want to make this world a beautiful place in which to live. Some of us would rather have a world of greed and war. A world of poverty and starvation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like the snowflake, we could keep our uniqueness but work together to blanket this world in love, compassion, caring and sharing. This world could be a Wonderland for all seasons if we would put aside our differences and live in harmony with one another as the Great Spirit intended us to do.