Out Of The Mouths Of Children

I am a chocaholic. I love chocolate and I need my fix of chocolate every day. I remember one day, when my son was about six years old, I bit into a chocolate bar that I had been looking forward to eating. As my son entered the room, I slowly hid the chocolate bar out of his sight so I didn’t have to share it and I covertly broke off another piece of chocolate and stuffed it into my mouth whilst my son played with his toys. Whilst I was enjoying the smooth taste of the chocolate, my son came over to me and pulled a bag of sweets out of his pocket and asked me if I wanted to share his sweets with him!! I felt so ashamed. What depths had my love of chocolate dragged me down to?

On a serious note, here was my little boy, teaching an adult how to selflessly share what was his. We can learn a lot from little children. They see the world with complete honesty. They have no prejudices against the colour of a person’s skin, or religion or financial status They live for now. They have no ego. Theirs is a world of magic and fun. Theirs is a world of Spirit.
Maybe we should look to the little children to learn how life should be lived. If you are wondering, I gave the rest of my chocolate bar to my young son.