Never Give Up

‘Something Inside So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. That is a song I play over and over again whenever some injustice has been done to me or if I need to build my Spirit up so that I keep going and don’t give up. It is such an inspirational song about the apartheid imposed against the indigenous South African black people. If I was a coach of a rugby or football team I would have that song blasting out in the changing room. The words would certainly fire any team on to success.

You should never give up no matter what life throws at you. It is so easy to give up but so very difficult to keep going. It gets more difficult the older you get, but you should always try your best to persevere. The top sports people, the top business people they don’t give up. That’s why they are successful. Defeat is for losers.

The moment you give up could be the moment that success was just about to knock on your door. When you are at rock bottom in health, finances or emotionally and you are just sick and tired with life that you would rather end it all, pray with all of your heart and your words will be answered. The answer to your prayers may not be spontaneous for your Spirit is being tested. Diamonds and gold are created after enormous amounts of pressure and heat over thousands of years. So it is with your Spirit. If your Spirit did not go through pain and suffering, it would never grow. When your Spirit has overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations it will shine so brightly it will blind you. Those are the words of Labi Siffre not mine.

So remember, in every one of us there is something so very very strong. It is the Great Spirit within you. Trust in the Great Spirit around you and you can only succeed.