When we were children we believed in fairy stories and wizards and magic potions. We believed in flying carpets and genies in bottles who would grant us three wishes. We believed in Father Xmas and the tooth fairy. It was a magical world to live in and it was so real to us as children. As we grow in to adults we have this magical world taken away from us and it is replaced by a scientific material world. If it can’t be proved by science then it isn’t real. We are controlled by governments, the media and financial institutions. You get a job, pay your taxes, get married, have children and die. We are conditioned, brainwashed and controlled. The magical world of childhood has had an evil spell cast upon it and it has been turned into a drab grey weary life.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. You can remove this evil spell. Still your mind and expand your consciousness and you will open up the doorway to the magical world of Spirit. There are infinite dimensions all around but you don’t believe in them because our amoeba sized brain and five tiny senses can’t see or hear them. The only obstacle is you and your material mind of doubt and disbelief but open up your heart and mind and the magic will slowly unfold before your very eyes. You will be laughed at. You will be ridiculed and scoffed at. Old friends may turn away from you. Your life may be turned upside down, but with trust and patience all the knowledge of the Universe will be yours and everything is possible. Now that’s magic.