Do you ever ask yourself why are you here? What’s this all about? Do you find the same problems recurring in your life? Maybe karma is the answer.

If you believe the Ancient teachings, before incarnation our soul enters into a contract and it is given a certain amount of karma to work through whilst on the Earth plane. As well as this karma, it is given talents that will enable it to work through the karma and fulfil its reason for experiencing life in a mortal body.

As a human, whenever problems occur in our life we always look for someone to blame or we ask some invisible deity why do you keep doing this to me. Maybe you need to take a good look at yourself and ask how can I stop this happening. What lesson can I learn from this? By taking this approach you stop giving your power away, you take control of your own life and you project your own reality. The more you acknowledge your faults and realise the talents you have to work through them, the easier your life will be as you fulfil your reason for being here.