It is when we judge a person’s behaviour or we judge a person by what we are told they have done that we are in the wrong. A prostitute may be doing the only thing that she can do to get money for her children so that they can have a better life than she has had; a drug addict could have been abused in ways that we couldn’t even start to imagine; an alcoholic may have been brought up with alcoholic parents and this is the only life they know. How terrible for someone to be accused of a wrong doing that they haven’t done but most people are ready to judge, try and convict them without hearing the truth. If we could walk in the other person shoes for twenty-four hours and feel their emotions, see the reasons behind the life they have had to lead, if we knew their worries and fears and the dreams they have had taken away from them, then we would understand why they are the way they are and we wouldn’t judge them.