‘Hmmm, exquisite bouquet. Smells sweet and fresh, with a hint of fear,’ she snarled wickedly. Ben’s nurse watched on enviously as her colleague sipped at the thick sticky blood. She swilled the blood around her mouth, swallowed it and smacked her lips together.

‘Aaahhh!,’ she exclaimed, contentedly, ‘ A full bodied flavour with a subtle taste of human flesh. Perfect. The Brotherhood will love this one,’ she added, draining the contents of the cup down her craving gullet.

Ben started to cry, causing the blue veins on his forehead and face to stick out even more, causing the sad shadows beneath his despairing eyes to increase in darkness. ‘Please help me. Someone please help me,’ he sobbed.

The nurse put the plastic cup in a metal bin by the side of Ben’s cage and turned to her colleague, ‘Having trouble giving him the medication, are we? Here, let me help.’ She thrust her arm through the wire cage front and grabbed the back of Ben’s scrawny neck, dragging him forwards. She pinched his nose tightly. Ben opened his mouth and screamed. ‘Quick, get the tablet down him,’ the nurse yelled, struggling to keep Ben’s head still. Ben’s nurse popped the large tablet into his open mouth while the second nurse let go of his nose and pressed his jaw upwards, closing Ben’s mouth shut tight. The tablet soon melted and Ben’s feeble resistance weakened further still until he was a compliant heap, asleep in a drugged state on the floor of his cage.

Happy that Ben would now replenish the blood in his body and provide The Brotherhood with more sacrificial fluid for the Jackals to maintain their human form, the two nurses walked arm in arm down the corridors of stacked cages, laughing and giggling at the children’s hopeless plight. Batteries of children, reluctant blood donors, scarlet tubed arms stuck out from meshed cages, hailing imaginary black cabs to take them away from this Satanic nightmare.