Extract from Tom O’Kell and The Papanuk – free download available on Amazon

‘My Lord,’ the first warrior beseeched. ‘Our brother is blinded by Kalamon arrow. Please, Lord. Please restore his sight. Make him whole again.’ They threw the injured warrior at the feet of the Papanuk. The warrior groaned in pain and grew weak at the loss of blood dripping from his blinded eye.

The Papanuk bent forward and kneeled by the side of the warrior writhing in pain. He moved the warrior’s hand away from his blood filled eye socket and placed both of his broad hands over the vicious wound. He looked to the skies, closed his dark eyes and prayed to the Great Spirit. The crowd hushed, anxious faces too scared to breathe. The injured brave squirmed and whimpered in agony. The Papanuk held his head firmly, his arms trembling, his swarthy face grimaced in deep conversation with the Great Spirit above. The body of the brave stopped thrashing and lay motionless as if dead. The crowd gasped, believing their brother to have passed over to his resting place in the OtherWorld. The Papanuk removed his large hands from the bloodied eye. The warrior blinked hard, his eye and sight restored. A broad smile spread across his glistening face seeing the Papanuk and his brothers smiling down at him. The crowd cheered and whooped, waving and singing, honoured to be witness to another miracle of the Papanuk.

‘Are there any other wounded braves?’ the Papanuk asked.

The brave who had just had his sight restored rose from the ground and replied, ‘Only my warrior brother, Pinchanka, but his wounds were too deep and he has passed over to the Spirit World, my Lord.’

The Papanuk broke his distant thoughts, looked solemnly at the young brave and pointed to the end of the seated riders in the distance. ‘Go find your brother, Pinchanka. He only sleeps. His wounds are healed.’ Screams of shock and surprise filtered down the line of warriors. The figure of a young brave ran down the line. He fell sobbing at the feet of the Papanuk. ‘My Lord. My Lord,’ he wept. Slowly he raised his head, his brown eyes filled with love and devotion to the Papanuk. The Papanuk touched the crown of the young brave’s head and spoke, ‘Your faith and devotion in me restored your life. Rise now. You have many more battles to fight before the Kalamon are vanquished.’