Rules of The Game – Conspiracy?

There is a theory that a Secret Elite rule this planet. The Earth is just a gigantic chess board to them. Countries, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators are just their puppets and the population are mere pawns in all of this.

The Secret Elite own the Big Biotechs. They create new diseases and viruses eg: AIDS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu etc. They also own the Big Pharmas who just happen to have the medication and vaccine for you. Now these drugs have side effects and they have the medication for the side effects as well. Cures for cancer are suppressed. There is too much money to be made in chemotherapy drugs. They are making billions of dollars in this never ending cycle.

The Secret Elite own the Financial Institutions. They create stock market crashes and then they mop up all of the cheap shares. They get the taxpayers to bail out their banks. They take the houses from the taxpayers who default on their mortgages. They can raid the bank accounts of anyone at anytime – Cyprus was the experiment. They are making billions of dollars in this never ending cycle.

The Secret Elite own all of the Weapons Manufacturers. They divide people by the colour of their skin, by religion, by income bracket. They destabilise countries and then they move their armies in to conquer these countries in the name of peace and then they install their puppet regimes. They cull the population as they slaughter millions of men, women and children. They sell weapons to all sides in every conflict. Their banks loan money to all sides in every conflict. They are making billions of dollars in this never ending cycle.

The Secret Elite own all of the Media. They own the newspapers, the TV stations, the movies, the advertising companies. They control your mind with their mass propaganda, telling you only what they want you to know, only what they want you to buy and where from, only what they want you to eat. Soon you rely on them for all of your daily needs and you don’t know the real truth of what is going on in the World because they have taken over your mind and they create your reality. They are making billions of dollars in this never ending cycle.

The goal of this game is to create World War 3. To cull the population to below 1 billion. To install a One World Bank to stop the financial crashes. To install a World Army for your safety. To install a World Government so there can be no more wars. What they won’t tell you is that this will be the New World Order of a Fascist World for the very few super rich elite and their subservient poor population. A culled population who enjoy serving their masters because that is what the microchip implanted in their bodies will tell them.

Game Over.


Is There Intelligent Life Out There?

Once upon a time, visitors came down to this planet and saw images of a suffering, dying man hanging from a cross by huge nails hammered through his hands and feet, a crown of thorns stuck on a bloodied face, and then they saw the people of the planet worshipping this tortured image by eating his flesh and drinking his blood. They learned that this man was crucified on a hill, named Golgotha, because the hill was in the shape of a skull.


They saw the leaders of these man-made religions living an opulent lifestyle in huge palaces decorated with priceless works of art and treasures. They saw ancient spiritual tribes at one with Nature slaughtered and butchered in a crusade of ethnic cleansing and forced to follow these man-made religions. They saw men, women and children, die in their millions through war, famine, poverty and disease. They decided the people of this planet had been fooled into worshipping Black Magic so they got back into their spaceship and never came back.


Mysterious Deaths

What have the following people got in common?


John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, John Smith MP, Robin Cook MP, Dr. David Kelly, Hugo Chavez, Jacintha Saldanha ??


They were either assassinated or their death is shrouded in mystery.


JFK was his own man. He wouldn’t toe the line of the invisible rulers. In June 1963 he broke the tie between the USA and the Federal Reserve Bank of the Rothschilds, meaning that America could print its own dollar bills without having to pay interest to the Rothschilds – Assassinated 5 months later.


Martin Luther King – Popular charismatic peaceful leader of Civil Rights. – Assassinated.


Princess Diana – Spoke from her heart. Loved by the nation.- Killed in very suspicious car crash.


John Smith – Leader of Labour Party – Died of sudden heart attack which opened the door for Tony Blair.


Robin Cook – Labour Foreign Secretary vehemently opposed to Iraq War – Died in a fall while out walking on hillside.


Dr. David Kelly – Expert on WMD’s in Iraq – Suicide. First reported as a hanging and later as an overdose and slashed wrists.


Hugo Chavez – Popular Anti-American Venezuelan Leader – Death from Cancer. It must be contagious because several other Latin American leaders also have cancer.


Jacintha Sadanha – A nurse to Kate Middleton – Suspicious suicide after a prank phone call pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II


These people may have passed over but they will never go quietly.

Do your own research and formulate your own opinions.


Modus Operandi

In the late 15th Century the Native American population of America was estimated to be 60 million. That is equivalent to the population of Great Britain. By the late 1940’s that population stood at 800,000. Most of whom lived on reservations. The most Spiritual people ever to walk this planet almost became extinct over a few hundred years by the white mans greed of land and gold and possessions.


In the Holocaust, six million Jews were exterminated. Although it is one life too many, it is only a tenth of what the American politicians and military slaughtered during their genocide of the Native American tribes. The Native Americans were the original conservationists and  lived their lives at one with Nature, but they were portrayed as wild savages and heathens by the American press machine to justify their annihilation.


Does this sound familiar? It should because it is happening today as I speak. Iraq was conquered for its oil on the pretence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, none of which were ever found. Over a million Iraqi’s – men, women and children were slaughtered. All this was done in the name of freedom and retaliation against the Islamic terrorists. If you have ever spoken or met with native Muslims in their own country you will find they are the warmest and friendliest people that you could meet. I was once invited to a Muslim feast at the end of Ramadan in Turkey, and they couldn’t have made me more welcome. On another occasion, a stranger invited me into his Muslim house to share tea and food with his family. I have spoken with Iranians, Kurds, Afghans and they don’t look like evil terrorists to me. Just warm friendly happy people. However, the governments, the media and the newspapers, which are all in the pockets of massive business empires, would have you believe that they are wild savages and heathens just like the Native Americans were.


I watched a documentary on the internet this week. It showed the true story of the conflict in Syria. The so called rebels are in fact “foreign terrorist groups” planted in the country to destabilise Syria. These rebels, who are backed and armed by US and allied countries including Britain, go from village to village slaughtering the local population. This documentary isn’t for the faint hearted. It shows a man lying slaughtered in the middle of the road with his intestines hanging out. It shows a young man lying face down with the back of his skull blown away, but the picture I can’t get out of my head is a room full of babies and young children, all with bullet holes in their chests or with their throats slashed. These are not pictures that the BBC or the Daily papers will show you because it doesn’t fit in with the government’s propaganda. Syria is just another country that is being silently conquered for its oil. When conquered a puppet government will be installed and the Muslim banking system will be replaced by the West’s banking system, because Muslim banks do not charge interest as it is against their beliefs.


How many more innocent millions will be slaughtered in the pretence of freedom? How longer are we going to believe the lies churned out by the Establishment we live in? How can one person make a difference? How? By opening your eyes and ears to the truth and being aware of their Modus Operandi.


World Leaders and The Owl God

The information in this research inspired my 2nd TOM O’KELL novel – TOM O’KELL & THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE JACKAL. Future and current Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Senior Politicians worshipping an Owl God called Molech?? Can this be true? Are the videos below fake? If true, are they just letting their hair down or is it something more sinister?



Do you ever think that the people who run this World aren’t human? They can’t be human, because a human would not cause so much war, bloodshed and slaughter of the innocent as the beings who run this World do. These beings keep telling us there will be change. They keep telling us they are fighting for PEACE, but all they do is to create more war, bloodshed and slaughter of the innocent.

When I was a teenager, I used to scare myself by reading Dennis Wheatley novels. These were fictional stories of Black Magic and Satanists. He always wrote in the books, that although these were fictional stories, Black Magic and Satanism existed in the World and was practised by people high up in Society.

If you Google Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones Society, you will see the names of Grandfather Bush, Father Bush and Baby Bush, John Kerry and many more.

Watch this video exposing Bohemian Grove. What is this occult practise all about?? Why do they worship a large forty foot statue of the Owl God Molech???


It isn’t natural is it, and yet they run our World. Surely, if true, they can’t be normal human beings.