‘Look!’ Ben wheezed, pointing to the scary monster gazing down on them. Mick averted his eyes away from the evil Kalamon warriors stumbling down the hillside, and looked in the direction of Ben’s quivering finger.
‘L-Look!’ Ben repeated
‘Huh??’ Mick grunted, twisting his disbelieving face into a ghoulish scowl. ‘Huh??’
The demonic face glared down from the vast rock face. Steam hissed from its dark nostrils. Yellow flames leapt from its sinister eyes and from the gaps between the criss-crossed canines of its snarling mouth. However, it wasn’t the plumes of flame that had the boys transfixed. There was something else, something even more incredulous about the scary monster face.
‘It – It – It’s you!!!’ exclaimed Ben.
‘Huh??’ the image of the evil God, worshipped by the Kalamon, seemed to have put a curse on Mad Mick and shortened his vocabulary even further. ‘Huh??’ he repeated again and again. ‘Huh??’
‘It is. It’s you, Mick. You’re a scary devil God!’
‘Huh??’ Mick broke his gaze from the wicked fiery eyes of the dark God and looked down at the rocky soil, his head in his hands. Ben realised Mick’s sadness and felt a surge of compassion for his blood-brother, even though the Kalamon worshipped his grotesque likeness.
‘I suppose it doesn’t look exactly like you, Mick. I mean not if you look at it from this angle.’ Ben stood up, bent down and looked at the wicked face though his spindly legs. ‘And the teeth aren’t right,’ he added. ‘Those teeth give the monster’s face a scary snarling scowl.’
Mick slowly looked up, his eyes moist and bloodshot. ‘Do yer think so, bruv? Do yer really think so? Yer not just saying that to make me feel better, is yer?’ Mick scowled….scarily.
Ben gasped at Mick’s scary snarling scowl and then looked up at the monster’s scary snarling scowl. They were almost identical. Mad Mick’s just about edged the fear factor.
‘N-No. I’m not just saying it to make you feel better, Mick. That monster is nothing like you, really. Not if you study it closer. There are slight differences.’ Not that Ben was going to tell Mick what the differences were. He didn’t want to upset the sensitive ogre any further.
‘Awww. Thanks bruv,’ Mick smiled, which Ben now realised was a scary scowl. He hadn’t really noticed that characteristic before, not until he had to compare Mick’s scowl to the huge demonic monster above. Relieved to have lightened Mick’s mood, Ben quickly changed the subject back to Agatha’s perilous plight. ‘Look, Mick. We need to hurry.’