Bang goes The Big Bang Theory!!

Do you ever look up into the sky and wonder that it has no beginning and no end? Do you ever think about this experience of life that we call reality? What if this reality is just an illusion – a virtual reality computer game? What if we are atoms of consciousness living in an organic body – a virtual reality suit – that gives us the five senses we need to experience this 3D illusion? Everything around you would appear solid. The sky would appear to go on forever.

I dream every night and in my dreams I look up at the blue sky that goes on forever. I touch solid objects. I live and exist in my dreamworld but when I wake I know (or think I know) that it is just an illusion created by my mind. Maybe what we wake into is an illusion created within the mind, perceived by the five sense virtuality reality suit that each of us wears, as true reality.

If we are just an atom of consciousness experiencing a virtual reality game, then other atoms of consciousness could be experiencing different virtual realities all around us but, because we aren’t part of their virtual reality, we don’t see them. An infinite number of virtual reality experiences could exist in the same wave spectrum but vibrate on different wavelengths and at different frequencies, just like the numerous satellite TV channels and radio stations. We know they are there but we only experience them if we tune our receivers to the correct frequency.

If you explore this theory further then time and space may not exist at all. They may only exist in our virtual reality game. What if we could escape this five sense reality and explore dimensions of infinite senses. Imagine how powerful you would be. Maybe that is something we will explore when our organic virtual reality suit decays and dies. We always were, are and will be – Infinity – Amazing!