World Leaders and The Owl God

The information in this research inspired my 2nd TOM O’KELL novel – TOM O’KELL & THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE JACKAL. Future and current Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Senior Politicians worshipping an Owl God called Molech?? Can this be true? Are the videos below fake? If true, are they just letting their hair down or is it something more sinister?



Do you ever think that the people who run this World aren’t human? They can’t be human, because a human would not cause so much war, bloodshed and slaughter of the innocent as the beings who run this World do. These beings keep telling us there will be change. They keep telling us they are fighting for PEACE, but all they do is to create more war, bloodshed and slaughter of the innocent.

When I was a teenager, I used to scare myself by reading Dennis Wheatley novels. These were fictional stories of Black Magic and Satanists. He always wrote in the books, that although these were fictional stories, Black Magic and Satanism existed in the World and was practised by people high up in Society.

If you Google Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones Society, you will see the names of Grandfather Bush, Father Bush and Baby Bush, John Kerry and many more.

Watch this video exposing Bohemian Grove. What is this occult practise all about?? Why do they worship a large forty foot statue of the Owl God Molech???


It isn’t natural is it, and yet they run our World. Surely, if true, they can’t be normal human beings.


‘Hmmm, exquisite bouquet. Smells sweet and fresh, with a hint of fear,’ she snarled wickedly. Ben’s nurse watched on enviously as her colleague sipped at the thick sticky blood. She swilled the blood around her mouth, swallowed it and smacked her lips together.

‘Aaahhh!,’ she exclaimed, contentedly, ‘ A full bodied flavour with a subtle taste of human flesh. Perfect. The Brotherhood will love this one,’ she added, draining the contents of the cup down her craving gullet.

Ben started to cry, causing the blue veins on his forehead and face to stick out even more, causing the sad shadows beneath his despairing eyes to increase in darkness. ‘Please help me. Someone please help me,’ he sobbed.

The nurse put the plastic cup in a metal bin by the side of Ben’s cage and turned to her colleague, ‘Having trouble giving him the medication, are we? Here, let me help.’ She thrust her arm through the wire cage front and grabbed the back of Ben’s scrawny neck, dragging him forwards. She pinched his nose tightly. Ben opened his mouth and screamed. ‘Quick, get the tablet down him,’ the nurse yelled, struggling to keep Ben’s head still. Ben’s nurse popped the large tablet into his open mouth while the second nurse let go of his nose and pressed his jaw upwards, closing Ben’s mouth shut tight. The tablet soon melted and Ben’s feeble resistance weakened further still until he was a compliant heap, asleep in a drugged state on the floor of his cage.

Happy that Ben would now replenish the blood in his body and provide The Brotherhood with more sacrificial fluid for the Jackals to maintain their human form, the two nurses walked arm in arm down the corridors of stacked cages, laughing and giggling at the children’s hopeless plight. Batteries of children, reluctant blood donors, scarlet tubed arms stuck out from meshed cages, hailing imaginary black cabs to take them away from this Satanic nightmare.


‘Blessings,my Lord,’ Mayakula smiled warmly.

The warmth of the smile was not returned. Concern for the Chicuan Nation lay heavy on the Papanuk’s brow. The Papanuk threw the twigs and sticks onto the fire and blew on the ashes. The embers glowed red hot, flames licked the sticks, orange sparks crackled and disappeared. The fire soon took hold. The Papanuk carefully placed several logs onto the burning kindling. He sat cross-legged by the fire, warming his hands over the flames. He motioned to Mayakula to sit beside him. Mayakula took his place, looking up to the sky, smoke curling an escape path through the vent. Blackbird screamed a whistle of alarm and hurriedly flew away.

‘Thank you for your haste, Mayakula.’

‘It is my honour to serve you, my Lord. What troubles you?’

The Papanuk poked the fire with a large stick, a shower of red sparks flew into the air. He considered his words before replying.

‘A vision of the future. The Kalamon are preparing to raise the dead ancestors of every Kalamon brave killed in battle since the beginning of time. I have seen their evil skeletons in war canoes, striking the water with oars of bone to the beat from the Drums Of Death. I have seen their horrific war parties. Skeleton warriors riding on the back of skeletal horses, stretching across the horizon, from the home of the rising Sun to its resting place . I have seen clouds of flaming arrows blotting out the sunlight, casting dark shadows over our land, raining fire down amongst the Chicuan tribes. I have seen the Chicuan Nation burning in the flames of Hell. Armageddon is coming to the Chicuan.’

Mayakula gasped in horror at the Papanuk’s revelations. His tired old eyes sagged with dread. He knew of the tales that spoke of the end of time, but he never expected to bear witness to the tale. There was a tense silence, whilst Mayakula digested the terrors to come.

‘Can it be stopped, my Lord?’ Mayakula asked, silently praying for some ray of hope.

The Papanuk stared into the flames, not blinking. He turned slowly to face Mayakula.

‘Bring me the white boy.’

Subconscious Mind or Channelled Information?

I attended a meditation class for several years and learned a bit about the Spiritual side of life as well as meeting some lovely people. I could never differentiate between the Soul and the Spirit. It is a grey area and most people speak of them as the same item. I also could never understand the term the Higher Self. I tried to investigate the differences but I never found the correct explanation. One night I woke up very early and an explanation was buzzing through my head. It just wouldn’t go away as much as I tried. Eventually I went downstairs and typed the explanation into my computer at 3am! I read the explanation to a highly respected Spiritual person and Medium. She assured me the explanation was correct. Was this information “channelled” or was the explanation lying fragmented in my brain and my subconscious pieced it all together? I will leave that for the reader to decide.


Spirit, Soul and Higher Self


The Spirit – this is me. It is what makes me. It is my consciousness. It is that spark in me that will never die. When we face life’s troubles, our Spirit can course through our veins and give us the strength of ten men so that we can defeat anything that dares to stand before us. On the other hand, our Spirit can crumble and we curl up in the corner, a shivering wreck. During dark times, our Spirit may just laugh and see the funny side of our problems when we can’t sink any deeper, or our Spirit may cry and feel sorry for itself.


The Soul – this lies very deep within my heart. The Soul is your Divine-Self. It is the son/daughter of God within you. When my children were born, I have never felt such happy emotions; emotions that bring tears of joy and happiness; emotions that lie deep within your heart. This is your Soul. When my parents passed away, I have never felt pain and sorrow like it. It was like an physical dagger going through my heart. This was my Soul. When I heard of the brave young soldier being awarded the VC posthumously, for sacrificing his young life so that his comrades lived, that upset my heart. It touched my Soul. When I saw the babies and toddlers in Syria, with their throats slashed, in the name of freedom, that caused my heart to feel sick. It hurt my Soul. So you can see how your Soul can affect your Spirit. If your Soul is sick your Spirit will be low. If your Soul is full of joy and happiness, your Spirit will be raised.


Higher-Self – this is infinite consciousness and knowledge that is all around. Your Higher-Self is like a giant diamond with many facets to it. When you incarnate on the Earth, you work on one or several of these facets. You may need to work on compassion, love, greed, hatred, so one or several of these facets incarnate into your body as your Soul. So, when you are asked to connect with your Higher-Self, your Soul, deep within your heart, tries to connect to your infinite consciousness/knowledge that is all around.


All three are connected. The Higher-Self is the infinite consciousness/knowledge, part of which incarnates into the body as the Soul. The Soul can tap into this Higher-Self with practice of meditation. If the Soul is sick the Spirit will be low. If the Soul is joyful, the Spirit will be raised. When our physical body dies, the Spirit rejoins the Soul which reconnects to the Higher-Self, its infinite knowledge and consciousness increased by its lessons on Earth, as the Higher-Self expands nearer and nearer to Infinity, which is total infinite consciousness and knowledge and love.

A Fairy Tale??

When researching ideas for my novels, I read information on Ancient Knowledge. It is quite obvious that humankind has been on this planet a lot longer than we are led to believe and that these races had vast knowledge, a lot of which has been lost, stolen or destroyed. Google the Ancient Library of Alexandria to see what I mean. Was humankind and the animal life seeded here or have we evolved from an accident of Nature, as we are led to believe? Here is a short Fairy Tale I concocted on the origins and the end of humankind. You will spot the similarities to Genesis and Revelations. Proof that anyone with a vivid imagination could have made up the stories in the Bible. I hope you enjoy.

The Serpents And The People –  by Allan Graham

Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived a people who were neither male nor female. A people who did not have birth or death but just appeared and left as they wished for they could travel freely between all dimensions. A people who existed without the need for food or drink. A people who communicated with their thoughts. A people who had no need for travel because they just thought of a place and they were there. A people who had no need for possessions because all their needs were provided for by just thinking of them. A people who lived at one with Nature and Nature lived at one with them. This was a paradise were the Lion lay down next to the Lamb.

One day a serpent race came amongst the people and told them they could lead them to greater knowledge, for the serpents were great deceivers. The people believed the serpents and followed them to their spaceship which was in the shape of a Moon and as large as a Moon and which was covered with craters and rocks. The serpents also took two of every animal, from the paradise. When all of the people and animals were in the spaceship Moon, the serpents changed them. They took away the people’s gifts and created men and women with only five senses to see, to hear, to taste, to smell and to touch. They changed the animals and taught them to feed off each other.

The spaceship Moon travelled throughout the Universe until it reached a planet called Earth. On its journey, the spaceship Moon, caused great wars amongst the planets in the heavens. The spaceship Moon finally stopped when it reached Earth, causing the planet to flip over, which caused a Great Flood that covered the entire surface of Earth. The serpents waited until the waters receded and then they left their spaceship Moon and landed on the new surface of the planet Earth. Here they released the people who they had changed into men and women, and the animals who now fed off each other, and the serpents returned to their spaceship Moon and waited and waited.

When the people had multiplied and created many tribes across the planet, the serpents returned to the Earth and the people worshipped them as Gods from the heavens. The serpent Gods taught the people how to build pyramids and great temples, they taught them mathematics and astronomy and astrology and the people were very grateful to their serpent Gods from the heavens, but the people did not know that the serpent Gods were deceiving them.

The serpent Gods had to return to their dark dimension but before they did so they interbred with some of the people and these new serpent hybrids became the rulers of Earth. The serpent rulers were few and the people were many so the serpent rulers caused division amongst the people. They gave them language, they painted them different colours, they gave them money to create rich and poor people, they created different religions and different Saviours for the people to worship. This created fear and war and bloodshed and the serpents were happy, for they practised the art of Black Magic and they needed blood and sacrifice as an offering to their Master, the Devil, and, in thanks, the Devil cast a spell over the people of Earth.

Many years and many wars passed by and the tribes were getting fewer and fewer until only a handful of tribes remained. As the people slept a Voice whispered to them, trying to wake them up from the spell that had been cast upon them. Some of the people woke from the spell but many slept. The people who had woken shook the sleeping people but still they slept. Eventually the people of Earth came to a crossroad. Those who refused to wake were led to a Great War led by four horsemen on fiery steeds. The few survivors of the Great War became the slaves of the serpent rulers who lived off the fat of the land and the toil of their servant people.

Those who woke from the spell, followed the Voice and they were led back to their dimension, where there was no illness or death, no bloodshed or war, no rich or poor, and they were put back into a being of neither male nor female, a being who could travel freely between dimensions, a being of love who was at one with Nature and Nature was at one with them and here the Lion lay down next to the Lamb again for this was paradise.