Is There Intelligent Life Out There?

Once upon a time, visitors came down to this planet and saw images of a suffering, dying man hanging from a cross by huge nails hammered through his hands and feet, a crown of thorns stuck on a bloodied face, and then they saw the people of the planet worshipping this tortured image by eating his flesh and drinking his blood. They learned that this man was crucified on a hill, named Golgotha, because the hill was in the shape of a skull.


They saw the leaders of these man-made religions living an opulent lifestyle in huge palaces decorated with priceless works of art and treasures. They saw ancient spiritual tribes at one with Nature slaughtered and butchered in a crusade of ethnic cleansing and forced to follow these man-made religions. They saw men, women and children, die in their millions through war, famine, poverty and disease. They decided the people of this planet had been fooled into worshipping Black Magic so they got back into their spaceship and never came back.


Ancient Myths and the Birth of a Golden Age

Some ancient myths say that a long long time ago the Earth was inhabited by what we would call supernatural beings, neither male nor female, who lived off the energies they absorbed and who travelled freely between dimensions. They say that these beings were destroyed by evil entities from a dark dimension who went on to become the Gods of this planet.

Through genetic engineering, these Gods, accelerated the human evolution to serve them. These Gods interbred with a line of humans and became the rulers of the World. Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Sumer.

Whether it is fantasy or whether there is some truth in these myths we will never know. What is a known fact however, is that all of the Royal dynasties and all, with the exception of three of the Presidents of America, can also be traced back to these bloodlines. For these few people to control the masses they introduced religion, they manufacture wars, they divide and rule and make an absolute fortune in doing so.

Centuries ago the World was a very small place, the Earth was flat and lands were unexplored. Thousands of tribes and different cultures lived on this planet. Then the ruling elite started their crusades of Imperialism and Religion. They destroyed the tribes, the spiritual cultures at one with Nature. They slaughtered these peoples in their millions, ensuring they killed the shamans – the keepers of Ancient Knowledge. This happened to the Native Americans, the Native Africans, the Aborigines, the Maoris, the Aztecs, the Incas, and numerous other peoples.

Today there are just a few cultures left. We are being led down the path of globalisation, but first they must get rid of the remaining cultures that differ, hence the demonisation of Muslims and their countries, the engineered wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the manufactured threat of Iran. When was the last war that Iran was involved in? When was the last war that America and Britain were involved in? They are systematically stripping the World of its cultures and its diversities and creating what they call, a New World Order. A one World Government, a one World Bank, a one World Army. But if there is only one State, who will this World Army be fighting? It will be keeping the population in control.

There is a new consciousness being awakened in the people of Earth. The planet is starting to vibrate at a higher frequency. There will be lots of upheaval and major changes as people awaken and in the coming years it may look like the World is coming to an end as the ruling elite speed up their agenda. This is what 2012 was all about and, if the myths are to be believed, it was the end of one cycle of death and destruction and the beginning of a new cycle in which the World is to transform into a new Golden Age that will last a thousand years.


Mysterious Deaths

What have the following people got in common?


John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, John Smith MP, Robin Cook MP, Dr. David Kelly, Hugo Chavez, Jacintha Saldanha ??


They were either assassinated or their death is shrouded in mystery.


JFK was his own man. He wouldn’t toe the line of the invisible rulers. In June 1963 he broke the tie between the USA and the Federal Reserve Bank of the Rothschilds, meaning that America could print its own dollar bills without having to pay interest to the Rothschilds – Assassinated 5 months later.


Martin Luther King – Popular charismatic peaceful leader of Civil Rights. – Assassinated.


Princess Diana – Spoke from her heart. Loved by the nation.- Killed in very suspicious car crash.


John Smith – Leader of Labour Party – Died of sudden heart attack which opened the door for Tony Blair.


Robin Cook – Labour Foreign Secretary vehemently opposed to Iraq War – Died in a fall while out walking on hillside.


Dr. David Kelly – Expert on WMD’s in Iraq – Suicide. First reported as a hanging and later as an overdose and slashed wrists.


Hugo Chavez – Popular Anti-American Venezuelan Leader – Death from Cancer. It must be contagious because several other Latin American leaders also have cancer.


Jacintha Sadanha – A nurse to Kate Middleton – Suspicious suicide after a prank phone call pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II


These people may have passed over but they will never go quietly.

Do your own research and formulate your own opinions.


Extract from Tom O’Kell & The Papanuk

A sly sneer crept across the wicked face of Zinbada. The children were slumped in a heap on the vast prairie, baking in the hot sunshine, with nowhere to run or hide. The chase was over and the children were there for the taking. Zinbada could quite easily have ordered a hunting party forward to gather them up and truss them together like a string of sausages ready for the pot. However, this was Zinbada and compassion was a feeling he knew nothing of. Zinbada held up a stick topped with a wizened shrunken head, cracked skin taut and yellowish, wisps of lank straw-like silver hair waving in the warm breeze. It was obvious the poor wretch had never used conditioner or ex-foliated when its soul inhabited the remainder of the body that walked this Earth. The tribe stopped, silence fell and and its icy fingers grabbed the children’s throats, squeezing any remnants of courage from their trembling bodies.

‘I’m scared, Mick. W-what are th-they w-waiting for?’ the words quivered from Ben’s dry mouth.

Agatha tangled her head deeper into the folds of Mad Mick’s T-shirt, praying for her Saviour to deliver her from Evil. He appeared to be engaged elsewhere. Mick sighed heavily, trying desperately to hide the terrified little boy that dwelt inside his ogre’s body. He had only just fulfilled his dream of finding someone to belong to and now his dream was about to end in the most horrific nightmarish ending imaginable.

“Come here bruv,’ Mick put his huge arm around Ben’s frail shoulders and gently pulled Ben towards him, ‘Hide your face. I’ll scare ‘em away for yer,’ Mick smiled down into the dark rimmed eyes of Ben’s porcelain white face. Ben felt assured by Mad Mick’s scowling smile. A smile that could match the sinister grimace of any of Hell’s demonic fiends. He was sure the Kalamon would melt away from Mad Mick’s pout. He snuggled into Mick’s damp T-shirt, damp with Agatha’s tears and sniffles. Ben put his skinny arm over Agatha, more of a gesture than protection, to comfort the shaking girl before they met their brutal end.

Zinbada turned to his devilish tribe and beat the air with his creepy baton, as though conducting an orchestra of the macabre seated in Hell’s pit. His tribe beat the ground with their spears and staffs, keeping time with their Chief’s metronomic pulse. Saliva drooled down the sides of their hungry mouths as their minds reminded them of the sweet taste of the flesh of terrified children. Zinbada quickened the tempo, thrashing the gruesome stick wildly above his shaking head, whipping his tribe of cannibals up into a bloodthirsty frenzy. The white painted skeletons on the dark bodies of the savages danced faster and faster, spun and writhed in torment to the instructions of the evil manipulator pulling their strings. Zinbada stopped abruptly. The shrunken head beater fell from his grasp and bounced sharply on the dry earth. He pulled hard on the crown of needle sharp bones circling his head and screamed in ecstasy at the agonising pain stinging his skull. Thin fingers of blood caressed his wicked face, soothing his agony and torture. Zinbada sneered in appreciation and held his arms up to the heavens in thanks. He smiled wickedly at the sight of the Two Moons slowly creeping nearer and nearer to each other. Nearer to the night when their dead ancestors would be awakened from their sleep and resurrected back to life to wreak slaughter and death on the Chicuan. Bulging, bloodshot eyes watched excitedly behind painted skulls, eager to harvest the sweet tender flesh of the children sat patiently waiting for them.


Modus Operandi

In the late 15th Century the Native American population of America was estimated to be 60 million. That is equivalent to the population of Great Britain. By the late 1940’s that population stood at 800,000. Most of whom lived on reservations. The most Spiritual people ever to walk this planet almost became extinct over a few hundred years by the white mans greed of land and gold and possessions.


In the Holocaust, six million Jews were exterminated. Although it is one life too many, it is only a tenth of what the American politicians and military slaughtered during their genocide of the Native American tribes. The Native Americans were the original conservationists and  lived their lives at one with Nature, but they were portrayed as wild savages and heathens by the American press machine to justify their annihilation.


Does this sound familiar? It should because it is happening today as I speak. Iraq was conquered for its oil on the pretence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, none of which were ever found. Over a million Iraqi’s – men, women and children were slaughtered. All this was done in the name of freedom and retaliation against the Islamic terrorists. If you have ever spoken or met with native Muslims in their own country you will find they are the warmest and friendliest people that you could meet. I was once invited to a Muslim feast at the end of Ramadan in Turkey, and they couldn’t have made me more welcome. On another occasion, a stranger invited me into his Muslim house to share tea and food with his family. I have spoken with Iranians, Kurds, Afghans and they don’t look like evil terrorists to me. Just warm friendly happy people. However, the governments, the media and the newspapers, which are all in the pockets of massive business empires, would have you believe that they are wild savages and heathens just like the Native Americans were.


I watched a documentary on the internet this week. It showed the true story of the conflict in Syria. The so called rebels are in fact “foreign terrorist groups” planted in the country to destabilise Syria. These rebels, who are backed and armed by US and allied countries including Britain, go from village to village slaughtering the local population. This documentary isn’t for the faint hearted. It shows a man lying slaughtered in the middle of the road with his intestines hanging out. It shows a young man lying face down with the back of his skull blown away, but the picture I can’t get out of my head is a room full of babies and young children, all with bullet holes in their chests or with their throats slashed. These are not pictures that the BBC or the Daily papers will show you because it doesn’t fit in with the government’s propaganda. Syria is just another country that is being silently conquered for its oil. When conquered a puppet government will be installed and the Muslim banking system will be replaced by the West’s banking system, because Muslim banks do not charge interest as it is against their beliefs.


How many more innocent millions will be slaughtered in the pretence of freedom? How longer are we going to believe the lies churned out by the Establishment we live in? How can one person make a difference? How? By opening your eyes and ears to the truth and being aware of their Modus Operandi.


Extract from Tom O’Kell & The Shaman’s Drum

These were the Narcons, dark fairies who inhabited this Land Of Nightmares, and this was a hunting party. They were armed, some with spears others with bows and quivers of arrows slung over their shoulders. They had come to harvest children captured in their traps. More Narcons buzzed over Emily’s head. The drone of their vibrating wings mingled with the screams of terrified children captured in the net traps that groups of Narcons carried between them as they flew above.

The sickening reality of the frightening situation dawned on Emily. She was their prey. What kind of nightmare had Emily landed in? Were they cannibals? Did they capture the children to eat them? Emily’s body began to tremble uncontrollably. She clenched her arms together tightly in an attempt to still her shivering goosebumps so that she didn’t rustle the undergrowth around her. A female Narcon glided to the ground. She crawled on all fours sniffing the ground around her like a hound scenting the trail of a fox running for its life. Emily noticed her hands, except that they weren’t hands but long dark pointed claws. The Narcon sniffed at the detritus covering the forest floor and hissed, ‘It’s a girl!’ The Narcon scattered the rotting leaves away with her sharp canines, snuffled the ground beneath them and shot an evil stare in the direction of Emily’s lair. Emily gasped, immediately putting her hands to her mouth to stifle the scream of fear that she wanted to scream so much. The large yellow eyes remained fixed on the undergrowth concealing Emily’s position. The Narcon signaled silently to other Narcons buzzing around her, pointing her clawed finger in the direction of the tangled shrubbery. Emily looked behind her for a way out. Luckily she had delved deep into the back of the foliage and there was an open gap to the back of her. Emily crawled very slowly out of her hiding place ready to make her escape through the dense forest. Very quietly Emily crept away from the undergrowth. She ducked her head from the low hanging twigs and began to creep away from the bushes, away from the Narcons stealthily gliding towards the thick tangle of leaves and twigs AND then it happened. SNAP!! Emily stood on a long dry twig snapping it in half. The loud cracking sound echoing around the silent forest. She may as well have sent up a distress flare to signal her whereabouts and shouted Coooeeee I’m over here!!! The Narcons zoomed after Emily buzzing with the excitement of the chase. Emily shrieked and ran like she’d never run before, dodging through the tightly packed tree trunks and jumping over tumbles of thicket, her lungs bursting and her mind spinning. The hunting party split. Some of the Narcons flew high above the forest, covering both flanks. Others flew through the woodland chasing the frightened girl. Emily continued her escape brushing away thin branches slapping her in the face and across her body. Sweat glistened on her forehead. Red tresses of hair stuck to the sweat running down her neck. Suddenly an arrow whistled past Emily’s ear. Then a spear whizzed over her head, its sharp blade piercing the trunk of a tree directly in front of her. Emily screamed. She turned to see another spear hurtling through the forest towards her head. Emily ducked and the spear landed at the base of a large tree tripping a hidden rope amongst the fallen leaves. A large net whooshed up into the air on the end of a young supple tree. Emily shrieked and sped on, dodging the trees and tumbling bushes in her path. Emily gasped and panted, the pain in her lungs almost unbearable but she continued running helped by the adrenaline pumping through her weary body. Eventually, Emily stopped. She had no choice. She was running on empty. She looked behind her. There was no sign of the Narcons flitting through the trees. No sound from the thrum of their oscillating veined wings. Emily bent over, hands on knees, sucking in as much air as her lungs could hold. Restoring the energy to her body.

‘Phew! That was close,’ she wheezed.

Breathing more easily now, Emily stood, hands on hips, and looked up at the chink of sky through a break in the canopy of branches. Something jogged her memory of Chicken Licken. Something was falling from above, but it wasn’t the sky.


Extract from Tom O’Kell & The Papanuk

Mad Mick and Anaemic Ben scampered from rock to rock along the edge of the hill side, moving ever closer above the grisly scene below, trying to get nearer to Agatha but having no plan of how to rescue her from the clutches of the crazy Kalamon.

‘What are they going to do to Agatha, Mick?’ Ben whispered nervously.

‘Kill her, I suppose,’ Mick replied coldly, not thinking how his abrupt response would affect Ben.

‘Kill her? Kill her?’ Ben gasped, his teeth chattering, his body trembling.

‘Huh?’ Mick was taken aback. He hadn’t yet become accustomed to the sensitive side of his blood brother. Trying to calm Ben, Mick continued, ‘Well…..only a little bit. I’m sure they’ll try not to hurt her too much before she dies.’ Mick scrunched his face hoping he had offered some reassurance to stop Ben shivering.

‘D-d-dies?’ Ben stammered.

‘Well……..well…….she won’t be dead really, will she?’ Mick stumbled on, digging his hole deeper and deeper.

‘Will she not?’ Ben heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Nah. She’s a Vicar’s daughter,’ Mick grimaced a smile feeling he was digging himself out of the hole now.

‘How does being a Vicar’s daughter stop Agatha being k-killed?’ Ben’s large eyes became wider still, fearful of Mick’s explanation.

‘Well, they have everlasting life, don’t they. Can’t kill ‘em not if you wanted to. A bit like one of those trick birthday candles that you can’t blow out. Know what I mean?’ Mad Mick really had earned his moniker and he pictured himself patting the loose earth flat with his spade, covering the hole completely.

‘Phew,’ Ben exhaled sharply, ‘That’s okay then,’ Ben smiled now, ‘For a minute I thought they were going to kill her but if they can’t, then it’s not as bad as I thought, is it?’ Ben chuckled relieved to know Agatha was going to be fine. Mad Mick looked upwards and pursed his lips in a low whistle, happy that his explanation had had the desired effect upon Ben. Ben grinned towards his blood brother. Mick grinned back, feeling good with himself. He’d looked after his little blood brother. A warm feeling flowed through Mick. He liked feeling he belonged to someone at last.


Evolution Never Changes

Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawkins discovered everything we know about life and all there is to know – The Big Bang and Evolution. We are an accident of Nature and we are all descended from this accident. With the infinite celestial bodies in an infinite sky, does that mean we are the only species, because the chances of us being an accident are astronomical, so therefore, surely this planet must only be the only planet supporting life. Once you think like this, you can see how preposterous Charles Darwin’s and Stephen Hawkin’s theories are.

According to Charles Darwin, we all share a Common Descent. We all have a Common Ancestor. He proposed the survival of the fittest. He proposed Natural Selection and intended it to be compared to Artificial Selection (Selective Breeding). Can you see a pattern emerging here? Adolph Hitler proposed Selective Breeding with his ideas for a Master Race. Is it any surprise, therefore, that Charles Darwin’s sons, Leonard Darwin and Charles Galton Darwin, were members of the British Eugenics Society. A society that championed the idea of selective breeding amongst humans. They wanted a Master Race. This is why you are taught Darwinism within the education system, so that you will get used to the survival of the fittest and a Master Race that will be imposed during The New World Order. If you don’t believe in The New World Order, just Google it and see how many times the USA Presidents mention it. Look at the dollar note, The New World Order is there in front of your eyes.

Do you really believe that we are an accident? Do you really believe that we can be the only species in this infinite Universe which could be just one Universe in an infinite Multiverse? Do you really believe there was nothing and then a Big Bang? Do you really believe we can ever unravel Infinity? We only have five senses and a tiny brain. How on Earth can we ever understand the workings of something that has no beginning and no end, always has been and always will?



Monoatomic Gold – Is this how the Pyramids were built?

Ancient Knowledge was stored in the Ancient Library of Alexandria, but this was ransacked and the knowledge was either stolen or destroyed. Maybe some of it is stored in the vaults below the Vatican. Sometime ago, I stumbled onto 3 documentaries regarding this Ancient Knowledge.

There was information about scrolls, dating from 10 – 12,000 years ago, found in Constantinople. Some of these scrolls were maps of the World just as good as the detailed maps of today. These would have been impossible to chart in wooden sailing boats and according to history, we were still living in caves at that time.

The most amazing piece of information was regarding the Egyptians’ ability to reduce gold to its single atom. This creates a white powder so fine that it sinks into the grooves of your finger prints. This white powder was used to make cakes for the Pharoahs. It was mixed with frankincense and was believed to help them live longer and to allow them to travel between dimensions. Maybe myrrh was also added, this would explain the three gifts of the wise men. This powder is also attributed with defying gravity and it is found in the large bricks that the pyramids are built with. This would explain how all of the pyramids and other ancient monuments across the world, were constructed.

This white powder was discovered in some broken earthenware pots inside the pyramids of Egypt and also in a temple halfway up a mountainside. This temple was found to be a workshop for producing these single atoms of gold. This is were we get the word worship from. These temples were workshops for the Pharoahs who were considered to be Gods.

Now we move to the Ark Of The Covenant. This was a chest carried on two poles, but it would have been too heavy to carry and also too heavy for the two poles as it was constructed of gold, wood and copper. It was in fact a capacitor, used to store electricity, created by the daily sun. The white powder was added to the capacitor to defy gravity and to create radiation. Biblical stories tell of the Ark Of The Covenant defeating armies in battle and causing radiation tumours.

We now fast forward to the Dark Ages and the alchemists’ search for the Philosophers Stone. This is what the single atoms of gold are. The alchemists weren’t trying to turn lead into gold, but they were searching for the discovery of creating these single atoms of gold. Maybe this explains how Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton came up with all of their ideas which were far before their time. Did they eat the cakes of the Pharaohs?

Now we come to 1976 in Arizona. A cotton farmer was having trouble with one of his fields. The top soil was so hard that he couldn’t even water the soil. He sent samples of the soil to be analysed. They found samples of white powder in the soil. They left the white powder outside to dry off. They found that in the heat, it created a magnificent flash of light, as in an explosion. The powder vanished, leaving no residue nor harming the utensils housing the white powder. It just vanished.

More tests were done. The white powder was found to defy gravity, sometimes it weighed 100 times heavier, sometimes it weighed less than nothing, causing the weighing dish to levitate. The white powder would give off the most brilliant white light and disappear into other dimensions. These tests were done in laboratory conditions. The scientists have dubbed it exotic matter.

One scientist wrote a paper on the subject. He told how this would be used for future space travel and give humans the ability to travel through millions of light years as the substance has the ability to warp time and space, hence the phrase warp-speed.

This knowledge has been and is still being kept hidden from us by the rulers of this World. That is why they rule the World while we are kept in ignorance.


Is there a Man in the Moon?

Some extraordinary facts about the Moon

The Moon’s diameter is over 2000 miles, making it larger than the planet Pluto. Earth is a small planet and with its weak gravitational field should only have a small Moon, perhaps 30 miles in diameter.

Moon rocks have been dated as being older than rocks on Earth, by a billion years, and the dust on the Moon’s surface is of a different material to the rocks. This dust is estimated to be another billion years older than the Moon rocks.

The Moon has no magnetic field and yet Moon rocks are magnetised.

Moon rocks have been found to contain processed metals, including brass and mica, and the elements uranium 236 and neptunium 237. Uranium 236 is a long-lived nuclear waste product and is found in spent nuclear fuel and reprocessed uranium. Neptunium 237 is a by-product of nuclear reactors and the production of plutonium.

The craters of the Moon are very shallow compared to craters on other planets.

In space missions NASA caused seismic explosions on the surface of the Moon to calculate its density. The result was that the Moon vibrated for an hour, like a huge metallic gong, indicating that the Moon may be hollow.

A NASA employee reported photos of the dark side of the Moon having large man-made constructions on its surface. These were erased in the photos released to the public.

The Moon produces vapour clouds that baffle scientists.