Prayer To The Great Spirit

Great Spirit in Father Sky
We sing Your song
We do Your work in our lands
As You would have us do them
Give us our wants
And forgive us when we walk the wrong path
As we forgive those who tempt us there
Do not lead us to Bad Medicine
But save us from Bad Spirits
Your World is our World
Your Power is our Power
Your Spirit is our Spirit
Unitl the stars cease to shine

Your Virtual Reality Life

If you cut a hologram into a thousand pieces, each of those tiny pieces will still show the whole hologram.

Within every cell of your body is a crystalline strand of DNA which contains all of the information required to build a new you.

Take this a step further and what if the Universe around you isn’t real at all but virtual reality and your consciousness is held within a holographic body to experience a 3D World. You are just one of billions of players in a virtual reality game.

The Magical World Of Spirit

6 years ago I thought anyone into Spiritual stuff and mediumship was away with the fairies. That was until I was railroaded into this arena. I attended an evening of mediumship with my wife. The medium asked me to stay behind after the show. He said I had the gift and advised me to visit a Spiritualist Church to learn meditation. I attended 2 sessions at a local Spiritualist Church and behind stifled laughter I listened to tales of their meditation experiences. I decided it wasn’t for me.

2 years later, my wife dragged me to another evening of mediumship. Again, this medium told me I would be working for the Spirit World in some form or other and she told me to attend meditation classes. I laughed but I was also intrigued. Why was I being told this again? Nervously, I attended the meditation class again. The teacher remembered me and asked why I had left. Embarrassingly, I told her that I found it all a bit silly and thought they were all nuts! She smiled and reassured me that it was real and that it would all unfold slowly, so I persevered and very slowly my belief that this 3D World was all that existed began to fade away.

Over the last 4 years, I have caught a butterfly spirit orb on video. I have been transported to other dimensions (which always leave you with regret when you return) and I now have a Spirit Guide called White Arrow channelling through me. There are an infinite number of invisible dimensions all around us if we will open up our minds and hearts to the possibility. There is so much more to this life if you are willing to open up your minds and expand your consciousness.


‘Kabucha? Will you be playing kabucha with the other young braves?’ Kabucha was the origin for modern day lacrosse and was a recreation to toughen the young warriors ready for combat. The game would take place over a large area involving hundreds of young braves and could last for days. Manitaku didn’t care much for kabucha. It was too rough. He was always targeted by the other young braves, especially Haiaku. Haiaku was a few years older than Manitaku and he liked nothing better than hitting Manitaku on his shins with the wooden kabucha stick, which resembled a large wooden spoon. Manitaku saw the mocking enjoyment in Haiaku’s cold eyes, knowing the pain he had inflicted on Manitaku. The young boys saw some kind of perverted honour in causing the Chief’s son to cry. Manitaku saw his cowardice as a threat to his Father’s leadership. His Father was sure to be challenged by siring a boy-girl and Manitaku knew that Haiaku was going to be the main threat in the next few years when he matured into adulthood. Haiaku bragged to the other young braves that when the time was right, he would become Chief of the Chicuan and they would see Chief Watanu cry as well as his boy-girl, Manitaku.

A colourful bullfinch landed close by with a small grub trapped between its beak. The bullfinch dropped the wriggling grub on the floor and trapped it between its small claws. It dug its sharp beak into the grub and pulled at its body, stretching it until it snapped in two. Manitaku knew how the grub felt. Wriggling. Trapped. Split in two. The bullfinch ate the half of the grub, wiped its beak on the sparse grass and turned to the other half of the grub’s body, slowly twisting blindly, wishing it was whole again and had the chance to wriggle its way out of the situation.

Manitaku slowly lifted his bowed head. His sad, red rimmed eyes met the Papanuk. He struggled with the trembling in his lips, using his teeth to quell the quivering. The Papanuk understood.
‘There is no need to answer, my child. I will speak with Chief Watanu. Walk your own path. Hold your head high. Wear your coat with pride.’

Manitaku couldn’t hold his trembling lips anymore. A large teardrop welled over his eyelid and cascaded down his twitching cheek. Wynoka put her arm around his shoulder but he threw it off, turned and ran away sobbing. A group of young boys ran after him, stinging his feelings with shouts of “boy-girl”. They chased him through the silver birch trees and into the lush bushes. Threats, thumps, slaps and kicks stopped Manitaku’s crying. The boys ran away laughing. Wynoka ran after her friend

Warriors Of The Rainbow

To all indigenous peoples of this World.
Their people slaughtered and butchered for minerals and land.
Their Spiritual lives replaced by a man-made religion preaching love and peace.
Their truthful way of life replaced by lies, greed and corruption.

When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying
A new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many
Colours, classes, creeds, and who, by their actions and deeds,
Shall make the Earth green again
They will be known as the ‘Warriors Of The Rainbow’


It is when we judge a person’s behaviour or we judge a person by what we are told they have done that we are in the wrong. A prostitute may be doing the only thing that she can do to get money for her children so that they can have a better life than she has had; a drug addict could have been abused in ways that we couldn’t even start to imagine; an alcoholic may have been brought up with alcoholic parents and this is the only life they know. How terrible for someone to be accused of a wrong doing that they haven’t done but most people are ready to judge, try and convict them without hearing the truth. If we could walk in the other person shoes for twenty-four hours and feel their emotions, see the reasons behind the life they have had to lead, if we knew their worries and fears and the dreams they have had taken away from them, then we would understand why they are the way they are and we wouldn’t judge them.

Together As One

As a small boy I would love to hear my Dad talk to me about all matter of subjects. A sky that has no beginning and no end, a God, how the Church is in your head and your heart not in bricks and mortar, the colour of your skin. He was a great teacher for an adoring son. He always used to tell me that when you cut a white man and when you cut a black man, they will both bleed the same red blood. He taught me that I should never judge a person by the colour of their skin but that I should look at the person. He taught me stuff that has served me well throughout my life.

Why is it that there is fear and prejudice in all races and colour. White and black, brown, yellow and red. If there were no countries, no borders, if we were just one world respecting each others differences then there would be no wars. No one country would be looking to rule the world, and peace would reign. Of course this isn’t going to happen, not yet anyway. If we could respect the different cultures, accept each others differences, help each other and understand that all that most people want from life is to care for their family and to live a peaceful life, then we could have the most beautiful world. A world of peace, love, tolerance, and cooperation. Heaven on Earth.


It looks beautiful when you wake up and there has been a heavy snowfall overnight. The scruffiest of places suddenly transforms into a Winter Wonderland with the crisp snow glittering and sparkling in the moonlight and sunlight. Every snowflake is unique. They all have their own perfect crystallized symmetry. That is fantastic, isn’t it. Billions of snowflakes fall to Earth and no two snowflakes are alike.

It is rather like each one of us. No two human beings are identical. We are all unique. We have different hair, different eyes, different skin, different personalities to name a few. Our Spirits fall to Earth, stay here for a while and then melt away back into the Spirit world.

Unfortunately, we are not all like snowflakes. Some of us don’t want to make this world a beautiful place in which to live. Some of us would rather have a world of greed and war. A world of poverty and starvation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like the snowflake, we could keep our uniqueness but work together to blanket this world in love, compassion, caring and sharing. This world could be a Wonderland for all seasons if we would put aside our differences and live in harmony with one another as the Great Spirit intended us to do.

Your Holographic Illusory Reality

Scientists have developed touch screens which project holographic images that you can actually see, feel and touch just as if they were solid 3D images. Put this technology into a 3D virtual reality program and you have a very primitive example of the reality you are experiencing.

Your body is a computer far more advanced than any technology the scientists can ever hope to produce. This body/computer projects the solid 3D reality that you are experiencing. We connect to each other and we create a shared 3D reality. The Universe that you see all around you is actually inside you. Your DNA strands are transmitters and receivers which create this reality which your mind and five senses then project and experience. The beings who run this World know this but for centuries they have manipulated your reality to serve their agenda. They hide this knowledge from you and keep you distracted with fear of war, disease, financial collapse etc..etc..etc.. They bombard your senses with subliminal occult symbols – the all-seeing eye, pentagrams, rings of saturn, hexagons etc..etc..

This constant fear, worry and subliminal messaging affects the transmissions through your DNA receivers which not only results in a false illusory reality but also kills off your cells resulting in disease, illness, death. As you wake up and become aware of this knowledge, you unplug from their matrix of illusory reality and their power over your reality weakens

Never Give Up

‘Something Inside So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. That is a song I play over and over again whenever some injustice has been done to me or if I need to build my Spirit up so that I keep going and don’t give up. It is such an inspirational song about the apartheid imposed against the indigenous South African black people. If I was a coach of a rugby or football team I would have that song blasting out in the changing room. The words would certainly fire any team on to success.

You should never give up no matter what life throws at you. It is so easy to give up but so very difficult to keep going. It gets more difficult the older you get, but you should always try your best to persevere. The top sports people, the top business people they don’t give up. That’s why they are successful. Defeat is for losers.

The moment you give up could be the moment that success was just about to knock on your door. When you are at rock bottom in health, finances or emotionally and you are just sick and tired with life that you would rather end it all, pray with all of your heart and your words will be answered. The answer to your prayers may not be spontaneous for your Spirit is being tested. Diamonds and gold are created after enormous amounts of pressure and heat over thousands of years. So it is with your Spirit. If your Spirit did not go through pain and suffering, it would never grow. When your Spirit has overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations it will shine so brightly it will blind you. Those are the words of Labi Siffre not mine.

So remember, in every one of us there is something so very very strong. It is the Great Spirit within you. Trust in the Great Spirit around you and you can only succeed.