Meet The Author

Allan Graham – I live in Manchester, UK and I have read books from a very early age. The yearning to write was always latent deep inside but life always seemed to interfere and time just kept on rolling along.  I have dabbled with writing several times in the past but now I have the time to devote my energies to it. My reading was never of the classical sort, far from it. My early books were Billy Bunter, Just William, Jennings.  I then started on The Sherlock Holmes Novels and all of Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories. My Dad introduced me to the writings of Henry Rider Haggard and I was hooked with the adventure packed tales of King Solomon’s Mines, She, Montezuma’s Daughter,  Allan Quatermain, Ayesha: The Return Of She to name a few. I used to frighten myself witless as a teenager reading Dennis Wheatley’s novels The Devil Rides Out, To The Devil A Daughter, The Haunting Of Toby Jugg. Dennis Wheatley always indicated that although his characters and tales were fictional, Black Magic and Satanism were very real indeed. This fact always made the stories more frightening to me as a young teenager. I wasn’t much of a scholar at Grammar School, I preferred larking about, playing cards, playing rugby or football. Anyway, I ended up studying English Literature because the other choice was Economics – Urrgghh!!

I was never into the classical works of Shakespeare, Bunyan’s – The Pilgrim’s Progress, Tolkien’s – Lord Of The Rings. However, I was grateful to discover Graham Greene – The Power and The Glory. I read many of his excellent novels including, Brighton Rock, The Comedians, Our Man In Havana. I also really enjoyed reading Sheridan’s – The School For Scandal  and The Rivals. Into adulthood I discovered Thomas Hardy’s  beautiful works – Tess Of The d’Urbervilles, Jude The Obscure, Far From The Madding Crowd, The Mayor Of Casterbridge.  I’ve read all of Sebastian Faulk’s novels, including the trilogy – Birdsong, The Girl At The Lion d’Or, Charlotte Gray.  I’ve also completed all of James Herbert’s  horror stories with The Secret Of Crickley Hall being my favourite. One of my other favourite authors is John Mortimer and his Rumpole  novels. They are hilarious and Rumpole must go down as my favourite character in any book I have read. Reginald Hill’s Dalziel  character is a close second in the Dalziel and Pascoe novels. There are lots of other authors and novels but I’ve overstayed my welcome and I will start to bore you if I haven’t already!

If only I could have a small fraction of the talent of any of the above authors, I would be a happy man.