A Man-Made Religion of Love and Peace or is this Satanism?

Once upon a time, visitors came down to this planet and saw images of a suffering, dying man hanging from a cross by huge nails hammered through his hands and feet, a crown of thorns stuck on a bloodied face, and then they saw the people of the planet worshipping this tortured image by eating his flesh and drinking his blood. The story went that this man had been crucified on a hill, named Golgotha, an Aramaic word for skull, because the hill was in the shape of a skull.

They saw the leaders of these man-made religions living an opulent lifestyle in huge palaces decorated with priceless works of art and treasures. They saw ancient spiritual tribes at one with Nature slaughtered and butchered in a crusade of ethnic cleansing and forced to follow these man-made religions. They saw men, women and children, die in their millions through war, famine, poverty and disease. They decided the people of this planet had been fooled into worshipping Black Magic so they got back into their spaceship and never came back.